Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Download Free Classic RTS Game 7 Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries now !

Today I want to share free game to you guys that I found from, this game is a classic RTS game Delevop By Trevor Chan of Enlight Software, you guys probably known this game before. 7 Kingdoms is a classic RTS game where you play with six other kingdoms to conquer the opponents by defeating them in war, capturing their spies and buildings, or by giving money to their kingdoms.

Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries - Free to Download Classic RTS Game that let you to play against up to six other kingdoms
7Kingdoms (
This game was open source under GPL in 2009 with the game source code, graphics, sounds only, without the music. 7 Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries made departures from the traditional RTS game where you gather resources, build base, make army and attack the enemy just like the most RTS game. For the economic system its more resemblance to a turn based strategy game than the traditional build workers and harvest-resource, this game economic system look a like C&C, StarCraft, and Age of Empires.

This game also have espionage system that allow players to train and control spies, also the player is responsible for catching potential spies over their own kingdom. For inns, its built within the game and will allow players to hire mercenaries from various skill, races, and occupations.

This game is very interesting to play even if its classic (it's free of course) so If you want to download the game you can visit their official website here.

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